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Virtual Event

June 18, 2020 | 2-5 PM eastern

Virtual Event Seminar: Rethinking Events with a Splash of Haute Dokimazo


If you've struggled to figure out what to do without live events, then it's time we introduce you to a concept called Haute Dokimazo (HD)! HD  is a Spontaneous Think Tank; a way of meeting, sharing, and learning. HD creates an environment inspiring choice; an experience that focuses 100% on human connection, remotely! If you've been wondering how to really make an impact and leverage this virtual time to go forward, then you don't want to miss this interactive workshop!

Participants come together to identify the problems they are trying to solve and offer expertise in areas where they can serve. The agenda is built based on the knowledge present in the room, and the discussion is lead by attendees.

Typically a $7,000/per person workshop, we are bringing you this seminar free as a way to give back to the industry and help us all advance forward! 

This interactive workshop is ideal for people that hold any type of in-person session and are wondering how to bridge the digital divide to make it amazing for virtual attendance!

Whether you plan events or use events for prospecting and branding, this immersive experience will allow you to rethink the power of events. Bring your camera, bring your favorite drinks/snacks and join us for an enjoyable afternoon to get innovative.


Liz Lathan

Liz Lathan, CMP

CEO & Co-Founder
Haute Dokimazo

Liz Lathan, CMP is a professional virtual event emcee, Haute Dokimazo facilitator, corporate event & experiential marketer who's obsessed with applying modern marketing principles to a segment of the marketing industry that has historically been an afterthought. Liz has led event marketing strategy and teams at Fortune 500 companies and consults with small and medium businesses on how to optimize their events within their broader marketing program. Liz is CEO & Co-Founder of Haute Dokimazo.


There is no fee for this webinar and it is open to everyone.