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Virtual Event: Creating a Voice within the Customer Journey

NAIFA's Business Performance Center

MLI Marketing Solutions


Have you accepted that 70% of a typical person's purchase decision happens without your involvement? Do you understand that many consumers do their own research online without ever knowing you exist? 

How can you break through and be part of the customer journey? How do you gain a voice so that consumers consider you as part of a solution? Customer journey mapping, marketing automation and targeted marketing are the ways that modern advisors ensure that they are part of the conversation--the conversation that is ongoing on digital-social media, video and web. 

Consumers are on digital media--the question is, are you? 

Are you looking for ways to engage potential clients? Are you effectively marketing on a daily basis? Gain insight  on what it takes to reach and discover qualified prospects during this special webinar. Discover a refreshing new approach to marketing and prospecting in the financial services industry.


Martin Saavedra Jr. is the Executive Vice President at MLI Marketing Solutions. He has been in the data and marketing industry for over 25 years. In that time he has worked with companies such as AIG, Sun America, Sun Life, Valic and others. With the release of SILLOET, Martin and his team have been fixated on the customer journey experience and how to make sure advisors have a voice within the path to purchase. “If you are not seen then you can’t be heard.”  


JR Saavedra

Martin Saavedra, Jr.

Executive Vice President
MLI Marketing Solutions

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