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Virtual Event


Exploring Money Mountaineering 

November 12th at 2 pm eastern

In this session, Harlan Accola, CRMP, CSA will be joined by Peter Neuwirth, FSA as they discuss the principles of Holistic Financial Wellness. People need a framework to make good financial decisions about their future, as well as support to psychologically handle the changing landscape. That's what "Money Mountaineering" and Peter Neuwirth's six foundational principles of Holistic Financial Wellness can provide.
Specifically, this program will help people understand and deal with the complexity of the system, the uncertainty of the future, the hidden agendas and misguided views of many advisors, and the built-in irrationality we have as humans that makes it so hard to survive - let alone thrive financially.
Neuwirth's advice on how to structure your financial world in order to withstand the volatility and potential market collapses that are inescapable features of our global economic system could have saved the average person tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars, had they adopted these suggestions before Covid-19 arrived in this country. By using the six foundational principles of Holistic Financial Wellness, the attentive person will be prepared psychologically to weather the aftermath of this crisis and be ready to face the next one.

Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation
NAIFA is proud to offer this webinar in Partnership with Fairway Independent Mortgage Company




Harlan Accola

Harlan Accola, CRMP, CSA

National Reverse Mortgage Director
Fairway Independent Mortgage

Pete Neuwirth

Peter Neuwirth, FSA

Actuary | Consultant | Author