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Virtual Event

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Tax Planning with Home Equity

May 5, 2021 at 2 pm eastern 


Join Harlan Accola, CRMP,  National Reverse Mortgage Director at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, for this one-hour discussion of the following:

Advanced Tax Planning: Are interest, real estate taxes, or MIP deductive when paid? Are deductions passable onto the heirs?

Sequence of Returns Risk: Can your clients use a reverse mortgage in estate planning to increase the legacy to their heirs?

Life Insurance: What are the best strategies to facilitate life insurance using a reverse mortgage?

Medicaid & Long-Term Care (LTC) Strategies: Can a reverse mortgage convert countable assets to exempt equity? Does a reverse mortgage line of credit affect Medicaid eligibility?



Harlan Accola

Harlan Accola, CRMP

National Reverse Mortgage Director
Fairway Independent Mortgage