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Advanced Practice Symposium

NAIFA & FSP's Level Up Event Series
2019 Roadshow

March 12, 2020
New Orleans

We are looking forward to our first event of 2020 which will be held in New Orleans and hosted by NAIFA-Louisiana.

Join us for "Meet the Feldman's, A Case Study;" presented by NAIFA and FSP. A Partnership of the Society and NAIFA’s presentation of “Meet the Feldman’s, A Case Study”. Through this detailed case study participants will interact with a panel of family estate and business planning experts. Specific areas of instruction will include estate planning, executive benefits, retirement, and business succession.

Planning considerations and ideas will be presented based on 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generations within the case study.

Other stops in 2020:


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2020 Calendar

Interested in bringing an Advanced Practice Symposium to your state? We are currently planning our 2020 Calendar. If you're looking for a great event focused on advanced practices in financial planning, then contact Karla Kirk at kkirk@naifa.org for more information.

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