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4 Tips to Gain Followers Without Spending a Dime

By NAIFA on 9/20/22 10:00 AM

Social media is an integral part of marketing your business. While spending money on targeted ads may seem like an easy and effective way to build your followers, building your brand organically can benefit you in the long term—and save you money on advertising.

Topics: Marketing Social Media Marketing Grow Your Business
1 min read

Join NAIFA Partner Chalice Connect for a Benefits-Driven Webinar

By NAIFA on 9/14/22 9:53 AM

Join Chief Marketing Officer and Partner at Chalice Connect, Whitney Kendrick, along with Senior PEO Sales Consultant at Paychex/Oasis, Maria Petroni, for a Business Performance Center webinar on Thursday, September 22 at 12 pm eastern.

In this webinar, Whitney and Maria will give you an overview of the Chalice Connect Marketplace, and how it can help your business navigate and save on new benefits such as health insurance, travel options, and succession planning - especially timely with open enrollment periods opening up soon!

Chalice Connect is one of the Business Performance Center's newest partners, and also an affinity discount partner for our NAIFA Members. This webinar is free to attend and will teach you how to access their marketplace, which can save your firm, agency, or practice time and money.

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Topics: Benefits Group & Employee Benefits Grow Your Business Business Performance Center

13 Social Media Calendars, Tools, & Templates to Plan Your Content

By NAIFA on 9/13/22 10:00 AM

Social media plays an essential role in your business marketing strategy. With so many social networks available, it’s important to keep track of what you're posting and when.

Topics: Marketing Social Media Marketing Prospecting Grow Your Business Business Performance Center
2 min read

5 Tips to Establishing Your Brand With YouTube

By NAIFA on 9/6/22 10:00 AM

YouTube can be a powerful tool for building your brand. You can connect with potential customers and gain a loyal following by posting engaging videos. Read on to learn 5 tips for creating compelling YouTube content.

Topics: Marketing Social Media Marketing Prospecting Grow Your Business
2 min read

How to Reach Underserved Markets

By NAIFA on 8/30/22 10:00 AM

When it comes to insurance and financial services, some market demographics are often underserved. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, millennials, and LGBTQ+ Americans are often left out of the conversation. This is due, in part, to insurance and financial professionals viewing these demographics as less lucrative.

However, underserved and historically marginalized communities represent a huge opportunity for insurance and financial services professionals. By reaching out to them, you can grow your business and positively impact the lives of underserved populations.

So, how can you reach underserved markets? Read on to find out.

Topics: Diverse Markets Marketing Social Media Marketing Prospecting Grow Your Business
1 min read

Top Tips for Hosting and Participating in Virtual Webinars

By NAIFA on 8/23/22 10:00 AM

Virtual webinars have become incredibly popular in recent years. From hosting week-long conferences via Zoom to organizing corporate meetings, webinars can be a great tool for groups looking to engage with others. Running a live virtual webinar can be daunting, so it's good to learn the top tips for successful live webinar hosting. Cut down on stress by following these simple steps for hosting a successful webinar.

Topics: Prospecting Grow Your Business Webinar
2 min read

Diverse Hiring Practices Increase Profitability in Financial Services

By NAIFA on 8/16/22 10:00 AM

By hiring agents and advisors from diverse backgrounds, you can grow your business, make more money, and find creative solutions. Studies show that diverse perspectives lead to better ideas and improve sales performance and innovation.

Read on to learn how a diverse workforce can benefit your business and clients alike.

Topics: Diverse Markets Running Your Practice Grow Your Business Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
1 min read

NAIFA's Apex Learning Lab Presents the Future of Life Insurance

By NAIFA on 8/10/22 10:00 AM

Join us at NAIFA's Apex Sales Summit the week of August 15 to learn about a revolutionary new approach to life insurance with a special Learning Lab: "What Has Happened to Term Life Insurance? It's Called Longevity."

Longevity represents a new way of thinking about term life insurance. It combines the advantages of term life insurance with the flexibility to accommodate clients' changing needs.

Topics: Running Your Practice Grow Your Business Apex
1 min read

FinTech Learning Lab: Learn the Changing Landscape in Insurance & Financial Services at Apex

By NAIFA on 8/9/22 10:00 AM

Join us at NAIFA's Apex Sales Summit the week of August 15 for "The Digital Crossroads: FinTech, Your Business & Your Life."

In this Apex-exclusive Learning Lab, you'll learn how FinTech is changing the way agents and advisors do business and how it will shape the future of the insurance and financial services industry.

Topics: FinTech Apex
2 min read

Tips for Effectively Hosting and Participating in Virtual Webinars

By NAIFA on 8/2/22 10:00 AM

Live virtual webinars are becoming more and more popular for businesses of all sizes. The COVID-19 pandemic made doing business online a necessity, but webinars have proven to be incredibly effective, even as more businesses return to in-person meetings.

Now, webinars play an integral role in the growth and success of companies. They cost-effectively provide a platform for important discussions and help build and maintain relationships critical to a business's success.

How can you make sure that your webinar goes smoothly? Read on for tips on hosting and participating in a live virtual webinar.

Topics: Webinar COVID-19