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13 Social Media Calendars, Tools, & Templates to Plan Your Content

By NAIFA on 9/13/22 10:00 AM

Social media plays an essential role in your business marketing strategy. With so many social networks available, it’s important to keep track of what you're posting and when.

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2 min read

5 Tips to Establishing Your Brand With YouTube

By NAIFA on 9/6/22 10:00 AM

YouTube can be a powerful tool for building your brand. You can connect with potential customers and gain a loyal following by posting engaging videos. Read on to learn 5 tips for creating compelling YouTube content.

Topics: Marketing Social Media Marketing Prospecting Grow Your Business
2 min read

How to Reach Underserved Markets

By NAIFA on 8/30/22 10:00 AM

When it comes to insurance and financial services, some market demographics are often underserved. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, millennials, and LGBTQ+ Americans are often left out of the conversation. This is due, in part, to insurance and financial professionals viewing these demographics as less lucrative.

However, underserved and historically marginalized communities represent a huge opportunity for insurance and financial services professionals. By reaching out to them, you can grow your business and positively impact the lives of underserved populations.

So, how can you reach underserved markets? Read on to find out.

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1 min read

Top Tips for Hosting and Participating in Virtual Webinars

By NAIFA on 8/23/22 10:00 AM

Virtual webinars have become incredibly popular in recent years. From hosting week-long conferences via Zoom to organizing corporate meetings, webinars can be a great tool for groups looking to engage with others. Running a live virtual webinar can be daunting, so it's good to learn the top tips for successful live webinar hosting. Cut down on stress by following these simple steps for hosting a successful webinar.

Topics: Prospecting Grow Your Business Webinar
2 min read

3 Best Practices When Creating Pre-Recorded Video Content

By NAIFA on 7/19/22 10:00 AM

Live webinars are ideal for forging connections directly with your audience using interactive Q&A sessions. On the other hand, pre-recorded videos are excellent for educational or instructional videos that you can refer your audience to whenever they need them. You can use pre-recorded video to explain procedures that your audience should follow or address frequently encountered concerns. Because you have the luxury of being able to plan out the video ahead of time, you also have the opportunity to focus on its production and ensure that it is clean and professional. Read on for tips on creating professional pre-recorded video content.

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1 min read

5 Keys to Starting and Running a Successful Business

By NAIFA on 7/12/22 2:00 PM

The most successful entrepreneurs often have a few common traits. Whether you are an insurance agent, financial adviser, or any other type of solo business owner, use these tips to succeed.

Planning for the Future

Start with a solid business plan. Include funding sources such as loans, marketing and advertising ideas, client acquisition, and financial projections for expenses and profit. A business plan is just a start. Once you're in business, continue making plans and keeping track of progress. Where do you see yourself and your business in five years? Make a detailed plan for getting there!

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2 min read

How to Use Video to Grow Your Business

By NAIFA on 7/5/22 2:00 PM

When growing your business, connecting with as many people as possible is essential. That means not just writing blog posts and social media posts but also using video to appeal to a broader audience. Start creating engaging video content with these tips.

Topics: Marketing Prospecting Grow Your Business
2 min read

4 Strategies for Prospecting Using a Podcast

By NAIFA on 6/28/22 10:00 AM

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular in the marketing and sales world. If you're looking to increase your revenue and identify opportunities, listening to a podcast is a great place to start. Here are  4 different ideas and strategies to generate more leads using a podcast.

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3 min read

Grow Your Client Base with Targeted Seminars

By Wallace Stone, President of Medsupp National and CEO of the Medicare Education Network on 6/7/22 10:00 AM

As an insurance agent, getting in front of people to deliver your message can be one of your most challenging tasks. For agents looking to attract new clients in today’s market, expertise is everything. Seminars establish your expertise and can put you in front of a large group of people in a single setting. This type of marketing is one of the most cost-effective and time-saving ways to grow your business.

Topics: Medicare Prospecting Grow Your Business
41 min read

12 Metrics Website Owners Will Be Tracking in 2022 and Beyond

By Jamie Juviler on 3/16/22 2:00 PM

When analyzing your website, you want the full story of how visitors are engaging with your site. You want to know not only how many visitors you get, but where they’re coming from, how long they’re spending on your site, how soon they’re leaving, and much more. 

To find the answers to these questions, you need to track website engagement metrics. In this guide, we’ll introduce this key concept, discuss the top metrics to watch for while running a successful website in 2022, and hear from actual website owners about what metrics they're prioritizing for the upcoming year. 

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