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Instagram can be a highly profitable marketing tool for those in the financial services industry. There are many ways that financial advisors and insurance agents can recruit prospective clients through Instagram. The following are some of the most effective ways that those in the financial services industry can prospect using Instagram; 

Create Catchy Content with Beautiful Pictures 

If you are looking to recruit prospective clients through Instagram, you should create well-curated content that aligns with your financial services. Instagram is a platform where people enjoy seeing beautiful images on daily basis. Thus, instead of simply writing a post about your financial services, showcase them through beautiful photos. The shared photos should highlight the unique features of your services and why customers should look forward to them.  

Focus on Transformation and Not Just Information 

Your posts should not just focus on passing information about your services, but you should also tell your target audience how your services impact their lives. Most Instagram marketers usually focus on their products and service features only. Be unique and allow your potential clients to learn the benefits of your services and how they impact their lives. This way, you'll be able to recruit many clients. 

Use the Right Hashtags 

Instagram's hashtags are key to finding content in the platform for a significant number of users. Choose effective hashtags that make sense for your services. They should be simple, clever, and descriptive. When you use hashtags effectively, your content and posts will have more chances of popping up when someone searches for something related. The more the number of people seeing your posts, the more clients you can potentially recruit.

Respond to Post Comments with Appropriate Answers 

When someone gets interested in your services, they are likely going to ask a question or two on your posts. You should be able to respond to the comments as soon as possible with appropriate answers to reasonable questions. This will help people to identify you as a caring and concerned services' provider. This gesture can help you to recruit clients from Instagram. 

Use a Call to Action in Your Posts 

Using a call to action in your posts will increase Instagram engagement and grow your client base. A call to action will also increase your website traffic and conversions. Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly because Instagram is mostly accessed through mobile phones. You'll also be able to understand your follower's demographics and their purchase behavior.

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