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YouTube has become an indispensable tool since its introduction in 20005. Many businesses have adopted this tool for both advertising and marketing their products to achieve business objectives. If you are still in doubt whether your financial service company, it is worth noting the following.

• YouTube has 1.3 million active users, and the number is still growing
• Every minute, 300 hours of video content are uploaded to the platform
• Over 5 billion videos are watched daily
• 80% of 18-49 age are frequent visitors of YouTube

With the above statistics, it is clear that your financial business should not lose the chance of pitching to this huge following. But one of the most deciding factors on your success on YouTube is the strategy you apply during prospecting. Following are ways in which you can succeed in prospecting using YouTube.

1. Ensure you optimize your channel

Optimizing ensures that your business will be among the top searches when someone searches something on YouTube. To succeed in this, identify the most probable keywords and phrases to make your videos more popular during searches.

Ensure you add a keyword-rich description on your channel that can direct your audience to your landing pages whenever they click the links. This will direct traffic to your website, which will trigger your product's interest in the people watching the videos.

2. Optimize your videos

To increase your prospects on YouTube, optimizing your videos is a must. This means that you need to include your keywords while naming the videos that you upload on YouTube. Ensure that there are short links that have a call to action inviting people to visit your site to look for the offer available.

3. Ensure your content is engaging

Converting viewers to your customers must be very strategic, which can only be realistic if you engage with your viewers. You can achieve this by doing the following:

Educate viewers

The financial industry covers a broad scope. You have to provide informative content to your viewers about the uniqueness and why the viewers should consider your financial services. You can demonstrate all this by uploading a video that gives fine details about all this.

Answer the questions

This is another way that viewers feel that their views are valued, and answering their questions makes them more contented, and a desire is created within them to associate with your products.

Always include a call to action.

Always inform your viewers that engagement should not stop, thereby giving them directives on following up. You can indicate your website address with a graphical text or a phone number of your company.

4. Encourage comments and subscriptions

In the comment section, you will be able to know how the viewers feel about your products. You will also gain by moving upper in rating. When more subscribers are connected to your channel, you have a chance to convert your viewers to potential customers in the future.

5. Embrace paid YouTube ads

YouTube has a wide range of targeting capabilities; these include behavioral, retargeting, contextual, and more. The categories are well crafted to ensure that your ads reach the target audience. Using the YouTube paid ads, you can reach your specific audience who will be most interested in your financial services.

The service will only charge you when the target audience engages with your video for at least 30 seconds. With the additional YouTube analytics, you can evaluate the ads' performance, which will guide in evaluating the efficacy of the strategy. 

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