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Social media offers many ways that you can add to your growing client base, particularly Facebook. The difference between this platform and many others is that the groups feature allows you to find and interact with potential clients on a more personal level. This feature also gives you the opportunity to find prospective clients in special interest groups. Finally, Facebook gives you the added touch of searching for new clients within your geographic location. All of these features give you more leads on a regular basis if you learn how to use them well. 

Start Your Own Facebook Group

If you haven't already, get your own Facebook group up and running. It's as easy as clicking the "create group" button and filling out a few details. Make sure that you're clear about the services you're providing, your location, business hours, and mission statement. Use a clear and professional photo for your profile and a cover photo that makes your business details clear. This way, when you're prospecting for clients elsewhere, people will have a place to connect with you that shows them who you are and what services you offer. 

Narrow Down Search Details

When you search for groups that may yield prospective clients, use narrow search terms to ensure that you're finding the right people. For example, the term "financial literacy" may point you toward other financial advisors. The term "budgeting" will more likely find you, clients. Think about your ideal client and use that description to narrow down your search terms. 

Check the Rules

If you do find groups that seem like they'll be bursting with prospects, be sure to check the group rules before you start posting about your business or services. Some groups don't allow self-promotion and doing so blatantly will get you kicked out of the group. In these groups, look for a business showcase day or post. Put these days on your calendar so that you never miss an opportunity. 

Always Keep Learning

There are many more ways to use Facebook to add to your client base. Keep searching to learn how others are getting it done and seek out education on the topic wherever you can. 

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